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Agriculture and Farm Supply

Agriculture and Farm Supply
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Anhydrous Ammonia Emergency Response and Remediation
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A chemical transport truck hooked and severed a distribution pipe off of an anhydrous ammonia storage tank, releasing 28,000 gallons of anhydrous ammonia into the atmosphere. This happened during a rainstorm, so the ammonia was carried via rain back to the ground, impacting drainage ditches, sewer lines and porous solids in the area.

SET was contracted to perform the initial emergency response and ongoing site remediation. This included recovering ammonia-impacted surface waters with vacuum tankers and trucks; the excavation, transportation and disposal of easily accessible ammonia-impacted soils; and the decontamination of impacted buildings and office structures.

SET also designed and installed an interceptor trench along the perimeter of the facility to capture ammonia-impacted rain water, and installed a dual phase extraction system to recover ammonia-impacted groundwater and vapors underneath buildings and office areas that had to stay open for business during the remediation effort.