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Emergency Spill Response

At SET, our Emergency Spill Response Services are focused on minimizing the effects of hazardous materials and chemicals to human health and the environment while minimizing our clients’ liability.

The average SET project supervisor possesses 11 years of environmental industry experience, while the average project manager has 18 years of experience. Our well-trained staff has the expertise to ensure the most efficient and timely emergency spill response, so you can maintain the safest environment possible.

SET responds to an average of 1,100 emergency spills every year and has been on-site within two hours for 98% of the emergencies. For every project, we provide an Emergency Spill Response Specialist on site — at all times — as well a professional crew well-suited to your needs, ranging from Certified Hazardous Materials Managers and chemists to OSHA-trained heavy equipment operators and technicians. If your spill involves an unknown chemical or substance, we can conduct swift and comprehensive identification.

To guarantee safe transportation after pick-up, we maintain a fleet of specialized vehicles dedicated to the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. We own and operate all of our vehicles exclusively, ensuring complete control over the entire process.

SET’s full-service offering includes:

  • Interface and communication with local, state and federal regulators as well as emergency responders
  • Mitigation of environmental impacts in soil and water
  • EPA waste code determinations, waste stream profiling and manifest preparation
  • Best demonstrated available disposal technology for waste generated from spill
  • Transportation and disposal of waste generated from spill
  • Site closure sampling and analysis
  • Remediation summary reports (as required by client or regulators)
  • Response to notice of non-compliance advisory letters from state or federal EPA on behalf of client

SET brings over 30 years of environmental industry experience to emergency response. Our project managers work on a first-name basis with state and federal regulators. Since SET owns and operates our own Part B-permitted TSDF (Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility), we are able to ensure no waste remains on site after an emergency response has been successfully completed.

Our Full Range of Emergency Response Services

We handle a wide variety of liquid, compressed gas and solid spills, including:

  • Truck and rail tanker spills (oil, gas, diesel fuel)
  • Leaking drums
  • Underground utility vault decontamination/acid/base spills
  • Unknown abandoned drums
  • Manufacturing facility fires
  • Cyanide spills
  • Pesticide spills
  • Chemical warfare or acutely toxic materials
  • Explosive and shock sensitive materials
  • Gaseous material leaks
  • PCB transformers
  • Mercury spills