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Waste Transportation

SET Environmental provides Hazardous Waste Transportation and Hazardous Materials Transportation. Services to commercial and industrial customers nationwide. We specialize in dependable transportation services with the most well-trained, professional drivers in the field.

We own and operate our entire fleet, providing truckload services to treatment, storage, and/or disposal facilities in more than 40 states. You can rest assured that our integrated and comprehensive Hazardous Waste Transportation Services will meet all of your safety needs and concerns as well as protect you from liability.

With over 25 years in the field, SET holds numerous DOT (Department of Transportation) exemptions, allowing us to transport mixed hazard classes of waste when others cannot. This allows you to significantly save on resources and time, while ensuring all DOT regulations are met.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has replaced SafeStat with CSA 2010 (ComprehensiveSafety Analysis). Safety Measurement Systems (SMS) will be used to quantify the on-road safety performance of carriers and drivers. The data will be organized by Behavior Analysis SafetyImprovement Categories. SET's average BASIC scores are 50% better than the industry average.

All SET drivers complete RCRA DOT training, as well as hands-on training. All of our drivers must pass written and practical comprehension exams prior to being allowed to transport hazardous waste. SET drivers undergo security background checks (in compliance with Transportation Security Administration regulations) and our transportation fleet operates in accordance with our DOT Hazmat Security Plan, in accordance with the Department of Transportation Research and Special Programs Administration Security Requirements for Offerors and Transporters of Hazardous Materials (49 CFR Subpart I Security Plans).

Our expert transportation department can provide valuable assistance with the following:

Our Specialized Fleet

SET's hazardous waste transportation fleet operates late model equipment, dedicated to the transportation of hazardous waste. As all of our vehicles are wholly owned and operated by SET, we have total control over both vehicles and drivers, allowing us to provide you with the most efficient hazardous waste transportation methods available.

Our fleet includes:

  • Vans

    45' units capable of holding 88 x 55 gallon drums

    Containment pans

    Power lift gates

    Vans equipped with ventilation systems

    required for transporting PIH Zone A material
  • TrailersVacuum tankers

    316 Stainless steel

    Carbon steel

    DOT coded (307-312)

    General chemical service

    Dedicated non-hazardous tankers (maximum 5,000 to 7,000 gallons) 

    Sparge lines
  • Flat beds outfitted with spill pans


    Rolloff trailers (single and double)

    Rolloff boxes
  • Straight trucks

    Single & double axle

    Power lift gates


    Open top boxes (16-25 cubic yards, with tarps)

    Liquid boxes (2,200 - 5,500 gallons)

    Watertight form fitting liners

    Power units

    Late model local & over the road units

    Customized trailers for transporting PCB filled electrical equipment
  • Super Sucker High Vacuum TruckThe Dominator®

    3,000 gallon vacuum tank

    200 feet of pressure wash hose

    Full opening rear door

    Rear work lights

    2,200 PSI pressure wash unit

    300-gallon water tank

    Hydraulic pump drive

    Hydraulic vibrator
  • 2,500-gallon vacuum tank

    4500 cfm vacuum capacity

    10-inch diameter suction hose

When it comes to hazardous waste transportation, you want the most safe, reliable, and efficient method available. With our experienced drivers and decades of combined experience, we provide you effective solutions you can count on.